About Us

 Activities & Market

  • Apogee Leather was set up with a capacity of 1,25,000 sq ft/month for manufacturing Cow and Buffalo leather to cater the growing international market.
  • The tannery is manufacturing Cow leather for shoes and Buff leather for Upholstery from Raw to finish.
  • The Company is currently exporting its products to China & European Countries.

Factories & Production

 The leather production of the tannery is divided into two parts:

  • Cow finished leather for Shoes.
  • Buffalo finished leather for Upholstery In addition, the tannery also manufactures Buffalo finished leather for fashion and safety shoes with DIN standards.
  • The tannery has a separate division for manufacturing complete shoes and shoe uppers.
  • The company has two units equipped with latest machines from Italy for processing Raw hides up to finishing. The wet blue unit is currently producing 200 Buffalo hides and 200 Cow hides daily.
  • The current production of the company is:
    • 50,000 sq ft/month of Cow finished leather for shoes
    • 75000 sq ft/month of Buffalo Upholstery leather
There are supervisors who are strictly controlling each and every stage of leather production.

Projection & Plan

The Company had purchased land in Jajmau to set up another unit for Upholstery finishing, after the commencement of this unit the production of Buff Upholstery leather will increase to 100000 sq ft per month. It is also setting up another unit in Unnao (Kanpur) for manufacturing 10000 pairs of fashion shoes monthly


Work Force

The company has a work force of 50 of skilled, dedicated and experienced workers.